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Issue #1 – Welcome to Flower Land

This post was originally published in our Fleurvoyant Newsletter - Issue #1.

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Musings from Emily

Happy Friday and welcome to the first issue of the Fleurvoyant newsletter! 

This occasional note into your inbox I'm envisioning as an ongoing journal as I bloom Fleurvoyant into being. There will be musings, updates, teachings, promos, and discussion. Yes, I'd love to hear from you! Open dialogue beckons growth, opportunity and altered perceptions – let's chat. 

On that note, I am so happy to begin this journey with you all, and am most excited to collaborate with this growing community of beings who dwell with the botanical world. Together we can co-create beauty – mingling artistic practices with mixed mediums, hosting offerings with sisters, conversing about magic, and exploring the symbiotic beauty of friendships and inspiration. I can't wait. 

✽ ✽ ✽

Whew, what a past few weeks! Full of up's and down's of managing a small business and the constant change of emotions that surround it all. I am grateful for my optimism in these times, and the support I've received from loved ones and friends day over day. I'm learning how to roll with the waves, grappling with the fact that the ‘new normal' is forever amidst the ocean tides. I'm learning how to surf through the rough edges of entrepreneurship. And, patience.

But still, there is so much to celebrate – to envision, daydream, manifest, and give birth to. And today, on May 5th, we celebrate the Full Moon of May, also known as the Flower Moon. This month's full moon gets its name from the abundant blooming of flowers that takes place during this time of year in many parts of the world (looking at you, California superbloom!). 

The Flower Moon is a time of renewal and growth as we move closer to the warmth of summer. Don your flower crowns, ladies! It's time to dance barefoot on the grass while the sun beams high. This is a perfect opportunity to embrace the beauty of nature, the blossoms on trees, and take a moment to appreciate the small moments of joy we experience everyday. 

Take a breath, take a chance, and look around: We've all got flowers in our hair. ✽ 

With love,


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