FLORAL experiences

designed to foster joy and encourage closer connection with the living earth.



Inspired by 'clairvoyant', to be Fleurvoyant means to be in communion with our plant kin. We seek to connect people with Earth's natural beauty and medicine for enhanced vitality and inspired living.

At Fleurvoyant, we believe flowers are the purest expression of natural beauty; we see the evolutionary miracle that is in a single stem of red chrysanthemum; the life spirit inherent within every bloom.

Indeed, we see flowers as medicine - from their beauty, to their ephemerality - they are to us a remembrance of the vitality, fragility, spirituality, and cyclic nature of life itself.

Before every design, we first take a moment to honor the flowers and foliage for their life and gifts to us.

As stewards of the earth, we refrain from using any non-degradable flower foam in our designs, and commit to sustainable practices and buying flowers locally as much as possible.

Our mission is to create enchanting and ‘garden-inspired with a touch of wild’ floral experiences that infuse our clients with a sense of wonder and wellbeing, reverence and delight.

Our simple hope: that you help us share the stories of joy and power - of our dear friends, the flowers.

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I’m emily

foUNDER, Floral designer & creative producer living in New York City.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, at an early age I cultivated a love and reverence for the natural world from my father who taught me how to fish, forage, and communicate with the elemental spirits of the earth. My fondest memories are summer days spent with the sunflowers in our garden, and backpacking trips in the Trinity Alps.

In adolescence, I discovered and cultivated my love for dance and creative expression as a dedicated pre-professional ballerina. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Rhetoric, I joined Google where I worked for 8 years.In 2023, I left Google to pursue Fleurvoyant full-time in New York City, opening up a floral design studio in Chelsea.

Alas, I have found floral design to be my favorite medium of expression — that of the divine language of plants. I believe floristry to be its own form of choreography, infusing each arrangement with intention and intuition, design and delight, inspiration and fruition.

Launching Fleurvoyant has allowed me to practice beauty and balance on daily basis and share this joy with others - and for that I am deeply grateful.

Flowers are my expression of thanks, of truth, of love, and of trust.






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